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Sanabel Group

Each nation has to open up to the experiences of others. Technologies are developed for the benefit of the whole globe. Thus, you can export techniques and technologies, but you can not export culture, and especially the culture of children, whereby this can only emerge from the nation itself and expresses community's needs and future aspirations. This manifested culture is the door to the creative and balanced man of tomorrow...

Sanabel Group was established in 1976 by Ghazi Mikdashi. Since then and till today, the Group has added to its portfolio 10 children plays with a total of 84 songs in Arabic.

  1. Yassmine Story ... A Tribute to Beirut
  2. Who Opens the Doors
  3. The City Drummer
  4. The Pearls of Grenade
  5. Saber and the Holiday
  6. Firas and the Talking Wheel
  7. The Golden Egg
  8. The Black Crow
  9. Zanbak and the Mountains
  10. We Want the Sun

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Baderban Series
Fictious stories that take you through time and legacies. .







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