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The years have added to Mikdashi's experience and developed his artistic talent to help him combine architectural designs with works of art. His projects never fail to lack originality with a sense of the past. He has designed many educational, residential, and commercial building projects in Lebanon as well as other Arab countries. Many of his Projects focus on Islamic Architecture. Below is a description of some of the projects he worked on.

    1. “Salim Slam Mosque”, 2000 m2, Beirut (2010)
    2. “School and Mosque”, 3000 m2, Shekka – Tripoli (2010)
    3. “The House of Arts and Culture” competition, Ministry of Culture (2009)
    4. “Kindergarten and Elementary School”, 9000 m2, for Makassed Islamic Philanthropic Association (2009)
    5. “Noor Tower in Cairo, Jiza”, 70000 m2 , 43 floors, for Noor Capital of Abu Dhabi (2008)
    6. “Center for the Empowerment of the Disabled”, 1500 m2, for Social Welfare Institutions; Dar Alaytam Al Islamiya (2008)
    7. “Hassan Al-Daouk Mosque”, 2000 m2 (2007)
    8. Jnah Villa, 3000 m2, Beirut (2004)
    9. “Design and Planning of the Sea Front of Muscat - Wave Project”, 2800000 m2 (6 km beach-long), Oman 2002, in collaboration with AS&P, a German company (planning, architecture), Team International, and "CONSER", a Lebanese company, (transportation); selected as first project in an international competition (2002)
    10. Designed “Golden Tulip: Serenada Hotel”, Beirut, Hamra area (4 stars), 7500 m2  (1999)
    11. “Abou Bakker El-Seddik Mosque and School,” restoration of existing old buildings, Beirut (1998)
    12. "Development of the Sea Front of Old and New Saida", 500000 m2, Saida, Lebanon, in collaboration with "Weidleplan", a German company (planning, architecture) and "Team International" a Lebanese company; selected as one of the best two entries in an international competition. (1996)
    13. “Commercial Center, Airport Road,” Supermarket and Administrative Building, 18000 m2 , Beirut, 1996 (winner of a competition)
    14. “Islamic Cultural Center ”, museum, conference palace and theater, 31000 m2, Beirut (1995)
    15. “Center for Development of Mentally Handicapped Persons”, 20000 m2, South of Beirut (1983)
    16. “Officer Club” , 10000 m2 , Al-Ain, U.A.E.; won first prize in an international competition, designed for Architecture Office “Khatib and Alami” (1978)




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