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Career & Accomplishments

Dr. Ghazi Mikdashi was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1941. He graduated from Belgium (University of Liege) with a degree in Architecture in 1969. In 1993, he received the Doctorate of Philosophy from the Lebanese University in Beirut. He taught in the Institute of Fine Arts (Lebanese University) from 1974 to 1990. After studying piano in the College of Art in Beirut, he continued his musical education in Belgium where he finished a degree in Classical music performance (playing the piano) during the period from 1963 to 1965. He has designed many educational, residential, and commercial building projects in Lebanon as well as other Arab countries. To know more about his architectural work, please visit the link "architecture".

Dr. Mikdashi's career is rich in musical compositions and play production as well. He composed classical pieces that were performed by the University Orchestra in Liege, Belgium in 1965. The "Quartets" produced in 1974 in Beirut are creative melodies played by four instruments: cello, oud, flute and dirbaka. He also made music for the theater in Beirut from 1970-1976. During the early years of civil war in Lebanon (1975-1976), he founded the "Popular Chorus" (Al-Kawras Al-Shaabi). The Chorus performed songs composed by Dr. Mikdashi such as "Yahkouna Fi Biladina", "Sajjil Ana Arabi", and "La Tanami Habibati". Later he established Sanabel Group that enchanted our children's ears with songs and musical plays such as "Badna Al-Shams", "Firas Wal Doulab Al-Fasih", and "Habbat Al-Roumman". To know more about his musical work, the popular chorus, and Sanabel Group, please visit the related links.

Moreover, Dr. G. Mikdashi wrote "Wahdat Al Fonoun Al Islamiyyah" (Unity of the Islamic Arts), a published work of extensive research of Islamic architecture, music and calligraphy done over several years in many Islamic cities. A more recent publication is a series of fiction stories of a young boy's adventures (Baderban and Prince Noon). More details can be found under publictions.

The designs of Ghazi Mikdashi stand out from the crowd in that the final project bestows a sense of uniqueness that originates from a modern composition of traditional elements and ideas. He continues to produce music and stories for our children that never deviate from originality, adventure, melody, tradition, and lightness, all in a modern setting that always bestows a message of hope and possibility for our new generation.



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Baderban Series
Fictious stories that take you through time and legacies. .

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